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  • Is my information confidential?
    Yes. All information provided is available only to us and the client you have applied for. The candidate will be informed if we decide to put the CV forward. In addition, the candidate can remove themselves from our database simply by emailing us.
  • Why do I need a recruitment agency and what services can Ideaboxes provide?
    Using a recruitment agency will hopefull ease the job search process. 1) The candidate should simply submit their CV and inform us of their job expectations and we will try match them with the most suitable jobs. 2) We will send the CV to the companies we think are the right fit and help arranging interviews. 3) If the canididate is invited for the interview and receives an offer from the client, we will negotiate in their favor regarding the salary package. We can perform a career assessment and help plan the career path, this way we know which jobs are of interest to the applicant and can help them reach their goal. Not only this, Ideaboxes offers interview preparation and advice tailored to the interviews.
  • Do you keep a database?
    Yes! We have a database with all the candidates we have interviewed at first stage. This is used as a first point of search once we receive a new role. All our candidates have first priority when we receive a new vacancy. If you would like to remove your details from our database, please email us!
  • Do I need to pay a fee?
    Not at all! Ideaboxes does not charge any candidates at any point of the process.
  • How does the application process work?
    Stage 1: Firstly, we receive the applicants CV and our team evaluates the profile. If the CV looks like it might be a match for one of our positions, we’ll ask the individual for a telephone interview in order to better understand their experience and preferences. ​ Stage 2: If the profile matches one of the job roles, we will invite them for our second stage, which is a Skype video interview with another of our colleagues. The second stage will be fairly similar to the first, just with another one of us, so more of us can get to know the candidate! ​ Stage 3: If the applicant passes to the second stage and we still believe they are a good match for one of our roles, we will format their application and send it to the client. Stage 4: If the client agrees it is a match, they will ask to arrange an interview. Depending on the role, we will offer candidates some interview tips and preparation. Once the applicant has confirmed their attendance, we send them a confirmation email; details such as location, time and name of the client will be included. Candidates: Please do remember that you are not only representing yourself, but also Ideaboxes. ​ Stage 5 The employer may invite you for a follow-up interview or, if all has gone well, the employer may think that you are the perfect person for their vacancy and offer you a contract. ​ Stage 6 You can then accept their offer and prepare to start your new job.
  • Can you help me get a visa or do you have any jobs that can supply a T2 working visa?
    Unfortunately we are not qualified to help with visa issues. If you would like to apply for a visa, we recommend speaking directly with an immigration solicitor. Some of the companies we work with can indeed provide a T2 visa and this will always be included in the job listing. Candidates should meet the job requirements in order to be considered.
  • I am holding the tourist visa, can I still apply for a Job in UK?"
    No. In line with the requirements of the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996, all applicants must be eligible to live and work in the UK. Documented evidence of eligibility will be required from candidates as part of the recruitment process. Please prepare your BRP card or Passport for eligibility check. Your ID copy will only be used to confirm your eligibility to work.
  • Why have I not had a response yet?
    Ideaboxes receives hundreds of applications. As such we are often only able to respond to those who have reached the next stage of our application process. If you have not received a reply and wish to see where you are in the application process, please email us and we will endeavour to respond.
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